Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Introducing Treyson! (Finally)

This post has turned out funky, but I don't have time to fix it so oh, well! I have a screaming baby in my arms and he won't let me fix it! Here are some pictures of Treyson. It has only taken me 3 months, but better late than never!

Hello World!

Here is one of Treyson's first pictures. You can already tell he has his Daddy's big feet!

Treyson's Birth Information

Trey was the perfect size baby!

Meeting his Brothers and Sister

Nathan looks so tired in this picture. He was so worried when we left for the hospital that night. I am sure he didn't sleep very well. He is such a sweet boy. They were all excited to meet their new baby brother for the first time!

First Car Ride

This was the ride home. He looks so tiny in his car seat. His poor head!

"Hospital" Picture

The hospital pictures were so expensive that we decided to take our own "hospital" picture when we got home. This is what we got.

First Bath

He didn't like his first bath very much, but he loves them now!

Nathan's First Diaper Change

Nathan has been such a big help with Treyson. He does such a good job with his little brother. Here is the result he got after he changed Treyson's diaper the first time. Notice the tabs for the diaper are on Trey's back! So cute!

Blessing Day

He is such a sweet baby. He even smiled for his blessing day!

First Trip

This was his first trip to Tuscon, AZ to see the Phoenix Suns play their scrimmage game. Can you tell that his Dad is a big U of A fan?!?

First Halloween

The kids had a lot of fun on Halloween. Treyson is a skeleton here, but his original costume he was a basketball. The skeleton shirt was to wear under it, but we got fed up with it, so he didn't actually wear it on Halloween. He was a basketball at our ward Fall Festival. I forgot my camera then, so my wonderful sister took pictures of him for me. I just need to get them from her. When I do, I will post those pictures later (maybe, you see how well I keep up with my blog!).


Turners said...

Treyson is SO adorable! Congratulations on your little one. Love you guys.

Andrea Hale said...

Congrats on the update! :) Treyson is so sweet! It has been a lot of fun seeing you guys lately....we really need to get everyone together more! :)

Cook family said...

Ann he is so cute and all the kids are getting so big.

Camille said...

I LOVE the blessing day picture!

laurie said...

Good to see you back at it. I love your baby! Your kids have gotten so big and way cute.

Shannon said...

Cute little baby and I love the name! Okay so I was wondering what Nathan was for Halloween. I see the barbies pinned to his shirt, but I can't come up with what he is. I have got to know this mystery or it will drive me crazy. Congrats again on your cute little baby boy.

Ryan and Ann Cook said...

Nathan was a chick magnet. He didn't like my idea of wearing a wig and a house coat to be a grandma, so we got the chick magnet idea from our nephew.

Trina J. said...

Congrats! I had no idea! Probably because I never see you guys. I found your blog through Lisa's - yay! Now I can keep up with you! Enjoy that little one.

Cookie Mama said...

Yay Annie you are back! Love those kiddos of yours; Treyson is a doll I need to come over sometime when I don't have to wait in line to hold him! Naters is hilarious, backwards diaper!

Richard and Tiffany said...

Treyson is SO cute! Congratulations!! :D

Quinn and Anjuli said...

That's one cute little boy Ann! You always have the most adorable babies :).

Durfee Family said...

He is so Cute! You really need to blog more often! You do a great job! :) Diane

Halls Family said...

Those pics are so cute! I especially love the one on blessing day. He is growing so is all of the family! Nate and Hunter are so tall now!! Does Ryan have his guns and ammo ready for the guys that are going to be waiting in line to date Karli?

queenbee4 said...

Congratulations! I think we had our babies only a couple of days apart! It's so great to catch up on what your family's been doing... everyone has grown so much! I'm glad you're all doing well.

Becca said...

Ann, I am so excited to have found your blog. I hope you check the comments soon. Congrats on the new baby. Hope you and Ryan are well. Becca Young

Michelle Johnston said...

Hey Ann and Ryan! Congrats! I didnt even know you were pregnant! Wow, time sure does fly. I'm so happy for you:) Tell your family hi for us, and please if your ever in the area, look us up:) You're always welcome in our home. Miss you guys!